Replacement Tyres in Maidenhead from Keen and Eager

We strongly recommend that road users in the Maidenhead area carry out weekly checks on their tyres. One of the easiest ways to check the tread depth of your tyres is to conduct the 20p test. Take a 20p coin from your pocket and insert it into the tread of each of the four tyres. As long as the outer band of the coin is hidden, your tyres are road legal.

If you live in the Maidenhead area and would prefer a more thorough inspection of your tyres, call in to see the friendly team at Keen & Eager today. We’ll check the tread of your tyres and conduct a full examination of the walls too. If we find any problems with your tyres, we’ll usually have space available in our Maidenhead workshop to replace them.

We have a choice of premium, mid-range and budget tyres available, all of which come from well-known manufacturers. Like all good tyre fitting centres in Maidenhead, we hold a basic stock range of products but can still arrange for non-stock tyres to be delivered by a local supplier straight away. We also provide tyre fitting services by appointment.

A Fair Price on Replacement Tyres in Maidenhead

Some tyre centres are renowned for upping the final bill by charging for wheel balancing and weighting. We think this is a little unfair on road users in Maidenhead, particularly if they’ve seen tyres quoted at one price but then find themselves being asked to pay more. When you buy your tyres from us, we promise not to add anything extra to your bill.

Balancing and weighting is all part of the service at Keen & Eager of Maidenhead. When we quote you for a set of new tyres, the price we give you is the price you end up paying. We even promise not to try and up sell you to premium tyres if you’re on a tight budget. Just let us know if you’d prefer mid-range or budget tyres and we’ll make a recommendation.

Having new tyres fitted shouldn’t have to break the bank. Our Maidenhead workshop buys in all tyres at competitive prices and, if we receive a good discount from our own suppliers, we make sure the savings are passed down to you. Fair, transparent pricing is just one of the reasons why we’re the leading local choice for new tyres in the Maidenhead area.